Energy Core Restore

In the antique junkyard, restoring old tech can make a decent amount of money.

The problem with the old tech is its energy core instability. The time window for powering the core node is small and the operation requires precision in both the connection and amount of energy to deploy.

Failing to do so will cost you battery, as you have to restart your probe. Once your battery runs out, you'll have to wait a whole day before starting to make money again. Get the rhythm and keep it going!

Keep a steady hand and a focused mind, in order to bring food on the table.


The game is entirely controlled with a mouse.


Game written in 3 days for the Godot Wild Jam 21: "Connection".


Download 27 MB
Download 15 MB
Download 14 MB


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This is a really good game! It's so polished :) I love the electricity animation. The gameplay was simple to understand but easy to ramp up in difficulty. The transitions between levels felt so smooth as well.

I can imagine this being a mobile game! Cheers!